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Since 1989, we have refined our training process to create an expert workforce, ready to tackle the most technical of cleaning assignments. When it comes to janitorial cleaning, poorly trained employees often deliver mediocre cleaning quality. In many franchise companies with a high employee turnover, the quality of work fluctuates as experienced employees leave, and new employees rush to complete the training process.

Because of the strong link between employee skill level and the quality of janitorial work they supply, EnviroKleen LLC provides specialized training to each employee to ensure top-notch services. We invest in our employees, giving them motivation to stay with us long-term and continue to build their wealth of industry knowledge. Because of our company’s financial stability, our company can afford to pay our employees better than the competition, resulting in lower turnover, and higher stability.

All members of EnviroKleen’s vibrant workforce receive hands-on training, direct supervision, and undergo thorough background checks. In addition, our employees are equipped to complete their assignments with advanced equipment for each task.


At EnviroKleen, we know that focusing on our employees will result in a higher level of quality for your facility. Contact EnviroKleen to learn how our well-trained team can make your facility shine.

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