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Electrostatic Disinfection

Since 1989, EnviroKleen has been your solution to hospital grade disinfectant at your office. With our top of the line Electrostatic Disinfectant service we can deep clean everything from small spaces to large complexes and high-rises. There is no space too big or small for Electrostatic Disinfecting. With this service you can confidently assure your employees and customers that you are taking the highest precautions available in order to keep them safe.

Electrostatic Disinfecting is trusted by hospitals, airlines, schools, and state and federal organizations around the country and is recognized by the CDC as an effective treatment against infectious diseases including COVID-19.

Contact us to learn more about how EnviroKleen can help your business!

  • Residential

  • Corporate

  • Medical & Healthcare Facilities

  • K–12 Schools & Universities

  • Commercial Kitchens

  • Houses of Worship

  • Clean Rooms & R&D Facilities

  • Construction Cleanup

  • Industrial

  • School Buses

  • Real Estate Showings

  • Salons

  • Banks

  • Gyms

  • etc.

Best Applications


Electrostatic disinfectant has a broad range of applications which range from homes, small businesses, to even the largest commercial buildings.


Many industries find the greatest utility out of this service by utilizing us to sanitize whole offices, conference rooms, classrooms, and buses in between uses. Our electrostatic disinfectant service provides safety and security without interrupting operational business.

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How it works?

Electrostatic disinfecting is the most effective way to sanitize all surfaces. Electrostatic spray is positively charged allowing specialized cleaning solutions to completely wrap surfaces providing a smooth and even coating.

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