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Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning Program is designed to help our client’s facilities be more health conscientious and promote environmental sustainability. While companies want their facilities to be thoroughly cleaned, some harsh cleaning chemicals can be harmful to your employee’s and customer’s health. This is counter-productive—your professional cleaning services are meant to improve your customer’s experience and your employee’s work environment, not to create health concerns. EnviroKleen implements a high-performance cleaning plan to maximize our efforts in providing a safe, economical, and quality service to your building. Through careful selection of cleaning materials, and attention to specific cleaning techniques, EnviroKleen decreases the negative impact on health and the environment for our clients. We can do this through:​

Holding Plant
  • The proper selection and use of chemicals and equipment

  • Implementation of a high-performance microfiber cleaning system

  • Proper training and documentation of all procedures

  • Employee involvement and empowerment

  • Collaborative efforts with our suppliers, affiliates, and customers to provide the highest quality service available


EnviroKleen LLC is a member of the local and national chapter of the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council), and knows how to provide you with the best, science-based strategies to clean your facility. In addition, our environmentally friendly cleaning process supports stands up to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certification requirements. We can assist you in obtaining LEED certification, capitalizing on the benefits of “green” by saving water, maximizing on energy efficiency, and improving indoor environmental quality.


EnviroKleen LLC is able to implement a full, or partial, green program upon request. Our efforts have been recognized by many of our current clientele, as well as from the national publication, Green Business Quarterly, in their November 2009 issue. Our name says it all—EnviroKleen LLC is determined to provide excellent cleaning, while caring for the environment, improving the quality of life for individuals and the communities we live in.

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