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Post Construction 

After a building is remodeled, added to, or built from scratch, the living or office spaces can end up so dirty that they hardly look habitable! This mess can be pretty discouraging and detract from the excitement of seeing your personal or company construction project completed.


EnviroKleen wants to restore that post-project excitement for you. If a part of your building is a brand-new addition, shouldn’t it look brand new instead of a disaster? With the help of EnviroKleen, your facility will look neat and tidy, and your construction project will finally seem complete. Wonderful closure, at last!

Post Construction Clean up 2.jpeg

To ensure a complete post-construction cleaning job, EnviroKleen follows through with the following duties:

  •  Construction trash and debris removal

  •  Dust removal

  •  Exterior and interior cleaning of cabinets, desks, and drawers

  •  Thorough vacuuming and carpet cleaning

  •  Spot removal

  •  Building Exterior power washing

  •  Window washing

  •  Sanitation of countertops and flat surfaces

  •  Metal shining for sinks, facets, and door handles

  •  And more!


EnviroKleen’s well-trained crew can tackle your cleaning job on short notice. We arrive on-site prepared, providing our own PPE for all our employees involved in the cleaning process. With a robust variety of equipment at our disposal (i.e. Industrial vacuums, scissor lifts, scaffolding, power washers), EnviroKleen has the tools to provide the most quality work. Once we’re done, your facility will be ready for occupancy.


Let us get your facility and construction project polished up and ready for use. EnviroKleen’s post-construction rates are much lower than industry standard, meaning you not only get excellent cleaning quality but a great price to go with it. Contact us to request our services!

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