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EnviroKleen understands that when it comes to cleaning your facility, quality and consistency is the focus. Shining windows, crisp lawns, and spotless furniture require attention to detail. With many franchise janitorial companies, this attention to detail is compromised because of the constant flux of employees. Because of frequent turnover in franchises, new cleaners fail to provide the same service as the employees who did the job before them, and the quality of cleaning is prone to frequent changes.


As a local company with no company debt and low overhead costs, EnviroKleen’s workforce receives specialized training, and remains with us long term. We have the same experienced person always performing their respective duties

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(vacuuming, restroom cleaning, trashing, etc). This prevents the job being done differently each time, meaning your expectations don’t have to be ever shifting. This translates into a spectacular clean for your facility every time, with your specifications in mind.

Task Allocation

With a detailed “plan of attack,” EnviroKleen LLC divides out cleaning jobs by task, as well as by area, and creates an organizational outline of the personnel who will be involved with the job. EnviroKleen LLC relies on VEKTR task management software for task allocation, routine scheduling, and simplified communication. This program helps our team highlight problem areas, spot trends, and deliver inspection and analysis results to internal team supervisors, as well as our clients.


Rely on EnviroKleen LLC to deliver a consistent clean! With our excellent attention to cleaning details, you can depend on EnviroKleen to get the job done the way you want it, every time.

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