Lighting Maintenance Services

Bronze chandelier view from below with moldings

EnviroKleen’s lighting maintenance services ensure that your facility stays well-lit and professional looking. A dim interior causes visitors to feel less cheerful and more tired. When bulbs and ballasts go out, it reflects poorly on your company quality, making your company operations seem slower, and less meticulous. A well-lit facility, in comparison, helps your facility visitors feel happier, livelier, and more trusting towards your company.

As an experienced janitorial company, EnviroKleen LLC is here to help. As a part of our commercial janitorial services, our team can see to both your indoor and outdoor light fixtures. EnviroKleen LLC takes control of the following tasks to meet your company’s lighting needs:

  • Bulb and ballast replacement
  • Lighting supply management
  • Light fixture cleaning and maintenance
  • Regular inspection
  • Energy savings implementation

EnviroKleen LLC understands that no matter how perfectly clean a building is, it takes the correct lighting to show it off perfectly. A facility may be impeccably clean, but still seem dingy because of subpar lighting. To achieve that crisp finish on a cleaning job that impresses customers and invigorates employees, turn to EnviroKleen LLC to cast your facility in the proper light.

Demonstrate to your customers and facility visitors that your company shows attention to detail by letting us manage your business’ lighting. Contact EnviroKleen to get started.