House Cleaning Services

While EnviroKleen LLC specializes in commercial cleaning, we also offer house cleaning services. Just like business owners, home owners have pressing responsibilities and duties to address, and don’t have time to undertake massive cleaning projects themselves, or hunt for multiple cleaning companies to perform individual jobs. At EnviroKleen, our single company tackles numerous tasks:

  • Floor and Carpet
  • 24 Hour Operations
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • And More

With business janitorial expertise, EnviroKleen knows how to clean your home at a professional level, whether you require all of our services, or only a select few. Our residential clients typically require our services when their homes are quite large, or following a construction project for a post-construction cleanup. Impress those important guests who are coming over, put the finishing shine on your construction project, or finally get a professional cleaning on areas of your home that are easy to forget about cleaning regularly.

Whether you require long-term service, or need a one-time deep cleaning, EnviroKleen knows how to get the job done. Leave the cleaning to EnviroKleen, while you focus on your other responsibilities. Cleaning rarely feels convenient for you, but with EnviroKleen’s flexible schedule, we’re available to help at a time that best accommodates your schedule. Get started with EnviroKleen today to enjoy the relaxing, mental clarity that comes from a clean home.