Carpet & Floor

The floor of your facility is the natural place for dirt and dust to accumulate. Airborne particles settle to the ground eventually, and not only that, but hundreds of shoes tread back and forth across your floors over the course of time. For large-scale, public facilities, high-traffic areas inside your building can quickly start to show signs of wear and dirtiness. Considering how much surface area and visibility your floors have, adhering to a cleaning program for them keeps your building looking attractive to customers, and reflecting the overall quality of your business.

EnviroKleen has the equipment to for commercial floor cleaning and to sanitize all types of flooring—both routinely, and for emergencies. We service tile, carpet, entrance matting, concrete, hardwood floors, linoleum, marble and more! With a broad variety of equipment left onsite of our long-term customers, we’re ready to consistently tackle the job—and put your furniture right back where it belongs!

Our broad range of equipment includes:

  • Rug Doctors for removing spots
  • High-pressure Cleaners for deep carpet cleaning, or cleaning tile and grout
  • Buffers, Scrubbers, Burnishers, and Waxers to evenly strip and apply finish
  • Duplex Carpet cleaner to achieve “right to the edge” cleaning along walls and corners

Pull out that embedded dirt, touch up floor stains, and make your facility really shine with the help of EnviroKleen. With a clean floor, your business maintains a pristine appearance that is sure to refresh both employees and visitors.