Why Choose EnviroKleen?

EnviroKleen strives for strong relationships with the companies we serve, just like our clients are commited to their own patients and customers. We know that as we serve high-profile locations, we create a positive, composed atmosphere for your facility, making it look reputable and welcoming to each visitor.

To ensure your satisfaction with our services, EnviroKleen focuses on three core values: Consistency, Economy, and Flexibility.


EnviroKleen is a locally owned company—not a franchise or a national corporation. Because of this, we have the ability to direct more funds towards our workforce.  Our employees are provided hands-on training, receive direct supervision, and are vetted and background checked prior to commencing employment. This translates into lower rates of employee turnover within Envirokleen, and more consistent services for your facility.


While hiring such a specialized team seems like it would be more expensive, EnviroKleen has zero company debt, and very low overhead costs. With EnviroKleen, your company is ensured more thorough cleaning results for the price you pay.

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EnviroKleen provides companies a customized level of service to meet their specific needs. Our work process is specifically tailored to meet the type of facility and customer specifications. With our broad range of expertise, and there is virtually no type of facility that we have not worked with in the past.

Our Experience

Our reputation, workforce, and financial strength give us the ability to compete with—and outdo—the largest cleaning companies in the nation. We currently service over 4 million square feet daily, providing the highest quality janitorial services to some of the biggest names in the state of Utah, such as the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Rice-Eccles Stadium, RC Willey, and Zion’s Bank Corporate.

Improve the look and feel of your high-profile building by relying on EnviroKleen’s dependable team and quality services.